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Sandy Li has personally advised, coached and assessed over 40,000 executives globally. Her clients have included CEO, COO, C-suite, functional and divisional senior management, specialist teams and individual contributors in finance, administration, risk, portfolio management, legal, compliance, strategy, sales, marketing, and operations. She was named
Top Coach by The Coach Foundation and 2023 Coach of the Year by AAAIM.

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Her coaching services have been used by clients from top-tier companies and organizations that focus on:

  • Banking

  • Private Equity

  • Hedge Funds

  • Asset and Wealth Management

  • Consumer and Retail

  • Education

  • Nonprofit

  • Technology

  • Venture Capital

  • Social Impact and Sustainability

  • Strategy and Consulting

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Real Estate

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Sandy partners with her clients to create customized programs that help individuals and organizations achieve targeted professional success.

Services for Candidates in Transition


  • Career Assessment and Career Counseling

  • Job Search Target Landscape (Creating a personalized systematic approach to yield maximum recruiting hit rate)

  • Pursuing Parallel Tracks (Advancing internally while also exploring external opportunities)

  • Transitioning into Completely New Fields of Employment

  • Resume Editing

  • Appropriate and Effective Outreach (Successfully warming up cold leads)

  • Interview Preparation

  • Offer Negotiation and Maximizing Compensation/Benefits

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Achieving Company, Group, and Individual Specific Objectives

  • CEO and Board Succession Planning

  • Getting a Board Seat

  • Capital Raising for Startups

  • Acquiring New Sponsorships and Fundraising for Non-Profits

  • Establishing and Recreating Brands

  • Increasing Efficiency and Removing Obstacles

  • Teambuilding and Improving Communication

  • Managing Diversity

  • Time Management

  • Better Work-Life Balance

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